”Ola Eliasson and Karolina Blixt interpret Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett with gusto. They, like the others, find the right tone and body language that is required for musicals because it must not be overplayed and become too big gestures in musicals. Karolina Blixt impresses tremendously by making the morbid side of Mrs. Lovett appear completely natural. Comical in its absurdity.”

Broadway World Jan 29th 2023

"But what elevates this set is the line-up of real opera singers who can also act. Karolina Blixt masters both tone, bite and timing in the role of Mrs. Lovett – the woman who makes “respectable” business out of Sweeney Todd’s desire for revenge and bakes cheese pies from the murder victims."

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"Karolina Blixt campe une Phèdre très émouvante avec coulant dans les bras le fluide de la douleur"


Review Orfeo Ulriksdals Slottsteater

"Karolina Blixt till exempel som alltid är bra, hur liten roll hon än får (här en queer Annina)."

Review La Traviata 2015

Expressen Kultur

Review Panathenaia, the British Museum London 2015

"The most interesting voice in the cast was that of Karolina Blixt in the various roles for alto"


"Blixt is not just a vocally well educated singer, but also has a remarkable stage presence.

The concert turned in to a soaré where she created an intimate contact with the audience, almost hypnotized it!"


"Karolina Blixt har en magisk röst,

mäktig som en urskog"


Tidningen NUMMER

"I am hardly the only one who will always remember mezzo soprano Karolina Blixt´s otherwordly singing in the Art Academy foyer"

DN October 2013

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